The Secret Weapon to Attracting the Right People to Open Houses

catering an open house

Tucker has dramatically increased the number of homes he sells each month and is now selling homes faster than his clients thought possible. He didn’t do it with a killer website, novel contests or gimmicks. He used a strategic trick that we all know attracts people, and more importantly, the right people to open houses. What is his open house secret weapon?

Tucker’s secret weapon is upscale catering. He uses the best catering Stamford Connecticut has to offer. Then he offers sandwiches and snacks to visitors to his open houses. This has a number of benefits, and we’ll explain each of them in detail.

First, it doesn’t attract locals hoping to get a free bottled water and cookie. It attracts serious buyers like luxury home buyers and real estate investors who know they’re getting a gourmet sampler when they tour the home. You’ll also continue to draw people in the late afternoon, while most open houses see a drop off in the late afternoon.

Second, it causes people to stay longer at the property. Home buyers who may be hitting five or ten properties in a day will stay longer because you’re offering high quality food. The more time they spend in the house, the more likely they are to buy it.

Third, it taps into a well-known aspect of psychology – positive association. When someone is hungry or tired, they’re going to be in a bad mood. Any property they see while in that mental state will go down a few notches on their list. Offer delicious, high-quality food, and you’ll put them in a good mood. They’ll now see the home for sale in a new light.

Fourth, you’re going to get more real estate agents bringing their home-shopping clients to your open house instead of others because they want to enjoy the food. This results in more people coming


through the property. Because the real estate agent is more excited to come to the open house if only for the food and they stay longer, their clients are more likely to “convert” into buyers for your property. Furthermore, the presence of additional serious home shoppers will increase the interest in it by more casual home shoppers.

Fifth, high quality catering increases the odds you’ll get HOA presidents and reporters to appear at the showing, even when they’re simply interested in meeting potential home buyers and their neighbors. That becomes a seal of approval in the minds of home buyers, while reporters talking to home sellers about Stamford’s real estate market can generate free publicity for the listing.

Maintain The Luxury Of Your Property

A swimming pool is a luxury that majority of homeowners will wish to have. In order to enjoy a pool, there are some cleaning, maintenance and repair measures that have to be performed on it. Hiring a professional pool company that will conduct regular repair and maintenance is crucial to owning a pool.

As a real estate agent, I have come to realize that pools have an impact on the overall value of a home. If it is neglected, the value of the home decreases. A well maintained swimming marginally increase the value of a house. I have received tips and insight from Phoenix Pool Repair Company that is valuable to any pool owner.

For starters, regular checkups are important to keep the swimming area in excellent condition. During checkups, the company hired ensures the pool and pool maintenancesurroundings are kept up to standard. A good and renowned company should be hired as they have trained personnel to execute the job professionally.

The company ensures they get rid of debris and dirt that accumulates over time. When dirt and debris are not removed, they pose dangers such as a slippery pool. Additionally, they may be the cause of various skin diseases and respiratory illnesses.

According to the Phoenix Pool Repair Company, swimming pool water needs to be treated by certain chemicals. These chemical have to be mixed properly and used in the required doses. When this is not done, the chemicals may cause allergies and skin diseases.

Pump inspection is another area of a pool that needs regular maintenance and repair. The process also involves cleaning the filter as well as other equipment in the water filtration system. Cleaning all these areas will ensure contaminated water that may cause skin diseases is not present.

As a side note, the Phoenix Pool Repair Company recommends frequent, weekly or bi-weekly, cleaning to owners of public and community swimming pools. This is because there are many people using the facility. Part of the operation involves the company offering recommendations on materials that can be used to ensure the pool runs more efficient and better.

According to the Phoenix Pool Repair Company, any pool should be maintained, serviced and repaired by a company that inspects the vicinity, cleans the water, repairs any damage and advices on simple maintenance procedures. Using a professional service will ensure your pool is maintained at all times. It will also prevents additional costs that may result from damage caused by neglecting the pool and poor maintenance procedures.

When A Realtor’s Printer Breaks

A laser printer is an essential tool for most businesses or individuals. Some people rely on their machines more than others, and when that printer breaks or has a fault, nobody could express their frustration and despair more than a real estate agent. The company that fix printers in North Vancouver explains why this can be so damaging to a real estate agent, and what to do about it, below.

While most of a realtor’s time may be spent chasing listings, calling and seeing clients, and typically being out of the office more than in, the printer which lives in the office is responsible for creating most of the documents by which an estate agent earns a living. And what makes the reliability of the printer matter even more is the fact that there are so many things that could go wrong if it were to turn faulty at the wrong time.

Imagine being in your office, just before leaving to see your client who is about to make an offer on a property that you have been working on selling for months. Just as you are preparing for the meeting, you notice that you are all out of blank offer to purchase documents. This does not bother you because all you need to do is select the file from your computer and print it. But what happens if this is the unfortunate time when your trusted printer gives in? What do you do?

The damage that can be done by not being able to get one single document printed is extensive:

– By trying everything you could possibly think of to get your printer to work, you end up running late for your appointment.

– By showing up to your appointment late and without the offer to purchase, your client is not only disappointed, but has now also lost interest in proceeding with the purchase.

– If you did not have a sole mandate, you could have lost the deal to another estate agent, or you are now back to square one trying to find another buyer.

– The time and energy that you have put into closing the deal is now a wasted effort.

This does not have to be the case. By using Printer Repair North Vancouver, you could have called up your client, asked to meet for coffee and then have one final viewing of the property. On your way to meeting your client, you bring in your faulty printer, and then have it in perfect working condition by the time you return to the office to close the deal with your client.

Call Printer Repair North Vancouver for fast and reliable service, and have your printer back up and running in no time! (604)449-4751.