Do I Bring my Realtor to the Home Inspection?

As a realtor in Edmonton, our job is very important as we take care of every detail in the home buying process for you and your family. An important question that comes up to a lot of people is, “Do I bring my realtor to the home inspection?” First of all, you shouldn’t have to ask your realtor to come, we should just be there! As stated before,any good realtor will be with you every step of this life changing way. In this short article, I will tell you why it is important to be there during the home inspection.contract

One reason is that we are there to represent you and be there for any questions you may have and to make sure everything the home inspector says makes sense and everything is thoroughly understood. Another reason is because its a crucial part to knowing all things wrong with the house, as this has a major impact on the cost of the house. This part is hand and hand with negotiations. When I talk about negotiations, I am talking about reasoning with the buyer as far as whats fair in the conditions the house is in according to the home inspector. And lets face it, how are you going to negotiate with the buyer if you were not at the inspection?

As a realtor, I would make some suggestions at the inspection that will help you save on heating costs and other safety issues. For example, if we were touring the attic and it was bare and drafty I would suggest spray foam insulation Edmonton (click here to check them out). The product will knock down electric costs and keep mold out of the house along with air coming in and causing issues for you or your family members that have allergies. In our field of real estate, it is important for the realtor to act as an advocate to ensure you are aware of what you are signing up for.

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In Real estate, it is not only important to be at every inspection for the buyer but also for the inspection of the seller also. Being at the home inspection of the seller is effective as it pertains to discussions and suggestions on how to make the property more appealing and raise the cost of the initial price. Some things that could be done to enhance the appeal of the property would be using energy efficient light sockets, maybe installing ceiling fans, or putting an adjustable thermostat in the home. A big thing that people often look for is insulation in the walls and ceiling and I know that spray foam insulation Edmonton has the best insulation. It is fire resistant, insect resistant, prevents moisture from entering your house, provides warmth in the winter and allows your cool air to stay inside your house in the front

In closing, I hope I have provided you enough information to answer the question should my realtor be at my house inspection because if they truly care about you and your family you will see them there without having to ask…it’s all part of the job!

The True King Of Your Castle


Since the domestication of animals, pets have always been an integral part of many homes. They are widely regarded as their great company though domestic animals, according to scientific studies, also have other health benefits.

It’s been demonstrated that kids and adults who play or live with pets have greater immunity, have less allergic reactions, and are more likely to in a better physical shape and are usually in high spirits. They give you an incentive to participate in activities, let’s say like walking or playing with your dog out in the park, and in turn, you get fit without even noticing. You also have greater chances of recovering from an illness when you have your pet around. It’s special seeing kids clinging to¬†personalized stuffed animals as they walk with their 4-legged friends.

Given these significant advantages, it is important to be aware that they also react to constantly changing environments. Most people and children always want that sense of belonging and a permanent home and the same goes for pets. Having a permanent premise will always have a calming feeling not only to your pets but also your family as well. However, the world today is very dynamic, and your job can constantly demand that you change your residence or city.

A personalized toy of your pet can be a good way to overcome the situation and enable them to ease comfortably into your new home. We all have that piece of item, for instance, a piece of furniture or clock, that you hold dear and no matter where you move it comes with you. This helps you, albeit unconsciously, to ease into your new home even before saying hi to your new neighbors. A personalized stuffed animals of your pet will do the same to your cat or dog. It gives the pet something to identify with in the new environment as opposed to getting surprised by a whole new surrounding.

Kids love pets and the tailored toy with its toy box also help them feel more comfortable while playing with the pets in the new home. They will have something to identify with in the early days of moving in. First and foremost, it is imperative to guarantee the pet becomes interested in that squeaky ball, or the stuffed animal or the bunny toy for such a plan to be efficient. The pet should feel that it owns the toy and in doing so having the toy as you move will prove advantageous. There is a variety of tailored toys for dogs and cats in the market, and you just need to find a reputable company with quality toys that can last a lifetime.